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Gorochan Tantra Tilak


Gorochan is very useful Tilak, Tantrik and Aghori Sadhu using this Tilak

  • Abhimantrit Gorochan Tilak by Guru Ji
  • Good Packaging
  • Usage: Vashikaran | Videshan | Shatkaram Kriya etc.
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Gorochan is obtained from the cow (Gau Mata), also believed to have many medicinal effects for human body, as we know that cow is considered very holy as per the Hindu mythology. We have given it the significance of a mother, so any product that we obtain from the cow is of great concern to the Hindu believers. Color of Gorochan is red (sindoori red), and it is in solid form not found in any other form, if anyone give you in other form then it will be duplicate gorochan so be careful about that. Also it is in round shape not completely but some round. This object is also used for the purposes of vashikaran and tantrik rituals, the tikka on the forehead are used to attract opposite sex as well. Use of Gorochan You can use gorochan in many ways like as a tilak at your forehead, by putting it in temple for the puja, you can also use this by making powder and applying at your whole body. The Uses depends on the problem you have or solution whatever you want from this. We will tell you completely according to your need how to use gorochan.


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