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Tantra Vidya Definition

Tantra refers to both the philosophy and set of spiritual practices that emerged in India around the 6th Century, focused on the direction and manipulation of universal energy as a means of liberation. Though it is most commonly understood to be a co-development of esoteric Hindu and Buddhism traditions, Tantra has also influenced a variety of Eastern religions such as Daoism, Shinto, Jainism and Tibetan Bon. The term is derived from the Sanskrit root tan meaning “to weave” or ‘”o compose,” and refers specifically to a type of instructional text, often presented as a dialogue between a god and a goddess.

These texts outline rituals and practices which can be used to invoke the energy of Tantric deities, including a Tantric interpretation of yoga known as Tantra yoga. Generally passed directly from guru to student, Tantric teachings are believed to grant spiritual transformation and even supernatural powers.

There are 6 types of Tantrik Kriya and Shatkaram Kriya


Vashikaran is to control someone and make him work as we want but this is not so easy as to say. People think that one will give us a mantra for vashikaran or love spell and after reading it and we will get what we want. So silly. Remember one thing that it is very necessary to energize a mantra to get it work for you and to make a mantra energized, different kinds of worship or rituals are there which should be done by a noble man or under his guidance to get the desire results.


Vidveshan is a process to create enmity between two or more individuals. It may further be extended up to bloody fights among them. It is not advisable not to use it for your selfishness or to harm anybody anyway.  Never interfere in the nature. Let the Time go in its own flow.


Ucchatan mantra is used to create difference between two or more individuals. Its actual meaning is not to feel happy or comfortable with. This is also one of the most using part of shat karma to get two or more individuals separated from each other.


Shantikaran as very clear by name is to make peace. This is a tantra process to bring peace and harmony in one’s life. Shantikaran is always positive in tantra mantra.


Stambhan is a process to make any spell or condition STILL or stationary. It stops the work to go ahead. This stops the work or target to reach at its end or goal.  Stambhan can also be used on non-living things to stop them work.


There is one thing that a lot of people are tired of – the enemies who cause problems in their lives. Sometimes, you can shun away your enemies because they are either complete strangers or once upon a time friends. On the other hand, there are enemies who are very sweet to you on your face, but you know all they have is venom for you behind your back.

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